Software tips for the master and bachelor thesis

Create scientific work on the computer

Writing a scientific paper is a challenge. In the meantime, masses of people on the Internet are systematically looking for plagiarism, as all sources must be carefully viewed and managed. The text is often accompanied by graphs or formulas and everything should give a handsome overall picture. We provide web services and programs that will help you from the idea to the finished printout.

Of course, the Internet is not only a danger for the development, but also a huge source of knowledge that provides at least initial evidence. For capturing initial research results are especially cloud-based web services, which can also add on the road via the smartphone a brainstorm.

Mindmaps are helpful in the next step to structure the whole thing sensibly. In the case of more extensive work, in some cases several hundred sources must be managed and cited correctly, for which literature management programs have become established. Although they require some work for each individual entry, they then create a bibliography of their own accord.

For the actual writing there are a multiplicity at programs: from whole Office packages up to Spartan writing programs, on request free of charge and directly in the Browser. Especially helpful is the computer when creating charts and diagrams. They can be designed quickly and adapted more often without effort.

All together should give a handsome document. Common word processing programs can not always record with the typeface of the text sentence system (La) TeX. Especially in mathematical formulas, the system can score points and has prevailed at universities. With special editors and helpful apps, the entry barriers are taken quickly. Finally, virtual printers from each print dialog generate a PDF document ready for distribution. Breaks should not be forgotten during the whole work: recovery for the eyes and other thoughts for the head restore concentration.

All necessary programs have been put together in the following picture gallery. It is also worth taking a look at our thematic special team work 2.0 for scientific group work.

Software tips for the master and bachelor thesis

Although the specialist knowledge required for in-house and final theses can not replace our software tips, they make the work immensely easier in other areas. The following tools help to avoid unnecessary stress from research to printing – browse through!

For many, Evernote is already considered the knowledge manager. The free service can be operated via the browser, but offers a client for all common platforms and operating systems and also a Windows 8 app is already available. Notes of all kinds can be quickly captured and synchronized on all devices. Through the built-in search, the user finds everything quickly. Perfect for recording research results.

Mindmaps are a great way to structure ideas and thoughts. On the PC, they can be changed and expanded more easily with programs such as FreeMind than on a flipchart. In addition to node labeling, the open source program also includes notes, graphics, and links.

The Mindjet program used to be called MindManager. Although it costs a few euros a month, but it offers a large range of functions. Particularly noteworthy is the good integration of Microsoft products. This allows simple mindmaps to be exported to PowerPoint or Word and import created project plans into Project. But things are also the other way around: Appointments from Outlook show Mindjet structured in a mind map.

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