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Here are 10 tips to ensure that the bachelor thesis and master thesis is guaranteed to succeed.

The study is coming to an end and is the bachelor thesis or master thesis the next step for you? We’ll show you helpful tips to help you write your thesis and how to master this phase with flying colors.

Find a topic for the bachelor thesis and master thesis

Finding a suitable topic for the bachelor thesis and master thesis is not always easy. Since you will be dealing with this topic in the next few months, you should take your time in finding a topic and pick a topic that you can get excited about. If you have absolutely no idea, think about which lecture or seminar topics you found particularly interesting.

If you have found an interesting topic for you, check to what extent the topic has already been dealt with and if there is enough literature. In addition, the topic should of course be relevant to your field of study. Writing a bachelor thesis and master thesis also requires a specific question. It is advantageous to formulate the question as concretely as possible, because then the handling of the topic can be made simpler.

Find the right supervisor for the bachelor thesis and master thesis
Once the topic has been found, it is time to find a supervisor for your thesis. Most students choose a professor they already know from seminars or lectures. If you do not think of a professor to write with, it is advisable to ask fellow students which professor they have had good experiences with. Of course, the supervisor should come from the department where the bachelor or master thesis is written.

It is also important to start as soon as possible with the search of the supervisor, because the subject must first be confirmed by the professor. If changes are made to the topic or the subject is not even approved by the professor, either because it is too easy, too hard or not sufficiently formulated, there is still plenty of time to pick another topic.

Once you have agreed on a topic with your supervisor, you can begin the literature research and writing. In addition, it is advisable to arrange regular meetings with your supervisor, because only so the professor can get an idea about your thesis and give you some tips.

Create a schedule

The right time planning is the A & O for your bachelor thesis and master thesis, so you should create a timetable at an early stage. The schedule for your thesis could be divided into the following categories:

  1. Orientation and planning (before registration of the Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis)
    • Topic
    • first literature and source search
    • Contact the supervisor and discuss the topic, if necessary concretize the topic
    • Formulate the question
    • topic registration in the examination office (from here the processing time begins!)
  2. Research and material procurement
    • Procurement of literature (library, inter-library loan, etc.)
    • Collection of other sources and data
    • Reading, excerpting and evaluating the literature and sources according to the question
    • Writing out definitions and relevant issues of fact and research
  3. Organizing and structuring the material
    • Define final structure
  4. Writing phase: raw version and revision
    rough draft:
    • Formulate the written rough draft
    • Adjust structure
    • Do ancillary activities such as reading and creating a bibliography
    • final summary and conclusion (answer question of the bachelor thesis / master thesis)

• Check for completeness and reconciliations (red thread)
• Editing according to scientific standards (logic, terminology, notes and bibliography
• editing according to linguistic aspects

  1. Completion phase: correction, printing and delivery
    • proofreading (even + by fellow students / friends)
    • make final correction (expression, spelling, grammar, completeness of references, etc.)

Printing and dispensing:
• create a print-ready file
• Print and bind work
• hand in work

Schedule time buffer

When creating the schedule, it is advisable to create an appropriate time buffer for each individual work phase. If the printer breaks down or similar unpredictable things happen, it is recommended that you complete your thesis at least one week before the deadline. So you are on the safe side and has no time pressure when submitting the bachelor thesis or master’s thesis.

Literature research for the bachelor thesis and master thesis
Once the topic has been found, the question formulated and a rough outline has been created, a detailed literature search is now pending. But what is the best way to do this? In the literature search: start with general literature and then go to the special literature. Manuals and textbooks are suitable for the general literature, it becomes more special in monographs and essays.

In general, before you start writing, you have to read a lot to get a broad overview of the topic. It is also advisable to look into the structure of the individual works and to read relevant chapters for your bachelor thesis or master thesis. Ask your supervisor, maybe this literature recommendations for you.

For the literature search, it makes sense to use different databases. Most of the literature research is done via the online catalog of the University Library. However, the search in national databases as well as in library associations is recommended, because you can get here certain literature on the inter-library loan.

Write at home or in the library?
What are the benefits of writing your bachelor or master thesis at home or in the library? Most people think that it is always quiet in the library, which is often not the case. Distractions lurk everywhere, be it a short chat with a classmate or the seat neighbor who has been on the phone for hours.

The advantage of a university library is certainly that you can directly access the library of the library. If you want to write your bachelor thesis or master thesis at home, you need a lot of self-discipline in the first place.

So, sitting down at the desk to get started does not mean you have to go to the fridge every ten minutes or check Facebook. Concentrated writing of the work is only possible if you can not be distracted by anything. Possible sources of interference such as the mobile phone or the TV should therefore be switched off.

Writing tips for the bachelor thesis and master thesis
In a successful bachelor thesis and master thesis, as few pieces of information as possible should be accommodated on a few pages, without the comprehensibility and readability of the text suffering. The contents should therefore be explained and described as simply as possible, and nesting sets should ideally be dispensed with. A structured and understandable spelling also has a positive effect on your rating.

What do you do when writing blockades while writing the bachelor thesis and master thesis?
As you may already know from writing a term paper, it can happen that you do not get anywhere at one point.

If you also have a writer’s block during your bachelor thesis or master’s thesis, it can help to change jobs. If you usually sit at a desk while writing, change location and go to a café or garden to continue writing. Often a change of environment is very inspiring and brings new ideas. You just can not make headway with the introduction? Then get in the middle of it and pick a chapter that you spontaneously come up with. Finally, the items can still be connected and matched.

Since you will spend a lot of time at the desk while writing your bachelor thesis or master’s thesis, it is necessary to take regular breaks and get out in the fresh air. Sport, long walks or meeting friends are important in this phase and will help you clear your mind and get back to work with renewed energy.

Effective proofreading of bachelor thesis and master theses
A good bachelor’s or master’s thesis should be free of errors at best, so a thorough proofreading should not be forgotten before submitting the paper. The following tips can help you with proofreading:

  1. Read backwards
    When reading backwards, one is forced to read every single word. The context is therefore not opened, so misspelled words can be detected faster. Of course, this method is only useful if you have spelling errors.
  2. Let counter read
    In general, it is advisable to always read the bachelor thesis or master thesis. If your circle of friends or one of your fellow students is particularly fit in spelling, grammar, and punctuation, ask the person if they would like to read your work. To be on the safe side, a professional proofreading and proofreading of a bachelor thesis can be added.
  3. Let the work rest
    With some distance from the work, some mistakes in the text can be found faster, so it makes sense to put the text aside for a few days and read it again after a few days.

Conclusion: Even the writing of the bachelor thesis and master thesis is fortunately made sometime. So do not worry too much, because with the right timing and a good self-management, writing the bachelor thesis and master’s thesis is only half as bad.

We wish you good luck with your thesis!

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